5 November 2022 @ Fallout

$10 • 9pm • 117 N 18th St, Richmond, VA 23223

Dollhouse (NYC)
Twompsax (Oakland)
Le Morte

First Show

Come on down if you can.
July 24th
We’ll have pins!

Demo 2022

Back again, new and improved. We return to our irregularly programed schedule.

Our 2nd Demo, cleverly titled Demo 2022, is out now.

Stay tuned for more.


We’ll be playing our first show on July 24th 2022. More details as we have them.

Demo 2020

Recorded by someone who has no idea what he was doing in a series of bathrooms and one poorly air conditioned practice space using sub-par equipment, we’re excited to finally announce the debut Toxitolerant demo: Demo 2020

The only thing that would make this picture cooler, is if we were hardstyling.